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Make Noosa a better place for everyone


We are a Community Foundation that covers primarily the Noosa Region.

We act as a facilitator between donors and eligible charities.  We are a Not-For-Profit run as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Fundraising administration and caretaking of funds raised is carried out by a separate specialist funds manager.  Donations to us can be tax deductible if desired. All Foundation staff are volunteers so all income goes to charitable purposes.

Charitable Foundation covers Noosa Region


We Raise Donations

The Foundation raises tax-deductible donations in addition to assisting local charities to raise funds (MORE)

We Manage Bequests

NCF can accept bequests left in Wills and Memorials to remember loved ones.  These are invested in perpetuity. Each year, the income is distributed to the charities specified by the donor (MORE)

We Service Charities

We help charities with their own fundraising and administration. They can then focus more on delivering their services where they are needed.

We Boost Impact

We strive to make charitable operations in the Noosa Region more efficient and to have more impact. Your donation goes even further.

We Support Youth

Our Scholarship programs help both disadvantaged and talented children get a better education and gain life skills.

We Rely on People

The Foundation is entirely powered by volunteers at every level.  More are always welcome.  Our Ambassador program draws on our network of residents to spread the word about how our services help the community (MORE)

For a Bit of Fun

Seconds left to claim a tax deduction for your donation this Financial Year


Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.


We group all charitable causes the Foundation is permitted to donate to into charitable Panels or groups of charities doing similar work.  You can pick a Panel and we will allocate your donations in the most beneficial way between your chosen Panel members (MORE)

Environment, Conservation & Climate  *  Individual / Family Services & Support * Indigenous Community * Arts & Culture * Community & Economic Development * Housing & Homeless * Animal Welfare & Training


We need you and your help

The Noosa Community Foundation runs on volunteer power to improve the Noosa Shire community.  Join in to help when and where you can.

Charity Volunteers in Noosa region