May 2024

Welcome to the Noosa Foundation Ambassador’s newsletter The most important news this Quarter is that the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation this Financial Year closes in 54 days from today. We are pleased to advise that a further $72,000 has been donated in April and to date in May. So donor support is continuing. If you know someone considering a tax deductible donation, please forward this email to them or connect them to our new Facebook or LinkedIn pages given below.
Our first grantmaking round granted a total of $32,000 to our Bequest Fund, and to Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled, Altitude Scholarships, Noosa and District Landcare and Sunshine Butterflies. Our second Grant Round will be in early July.    Help boost our grants by encouraging your network to donate
Fundraising commenced in December 2023. In this short period, we are pleased that donors have given $111,440.  The Foundation runs with all volunteer labor and our operating expenses are covered by generous Sponsors like Cartwright Lawyers.    For more on how to become a Sponsor and be acknowledged for your community support in our in newsletters and the website, see our website link. Donations are tax deducible this Financial Year if made before June 30th
In April, we began providing information to Noosa Region lawyers, accountants and financial advisors on how we operate and opportunities to route bequests and memorials via NCF so they can advise their interested clients. Our joint venture with the NFP Australian Community Foundation ensures you can be confident that a bequest can continue long after the donor passes on.  And the bequest can specify a specific charity or type of charity in the Noosa Region is desired.  Read more on this link  Local charities are welcome to use this service, at no cost, for their own bequests.
We have launched public groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn.  We welcome posts from the charities in the Noosa region about their activities.  We see these as a public forum for all interested in the Noosa charitable sectorJoin yourself and invite interested people in your network to join also so we can help share information on the great work of Noosa Charities.

April 2024

Welcome to the Ambassador’s newsletter from the Noosa Foundation

In each newsletter we will update you on which charities the Foundation has supported, the short term focus of the Foundation, and share information on the progress of activities related to donations and grants provided.

In this, our first, newsletter, we list the recipients of our first Grantmaking round and bring you up to date with fundraising and planned activities in this 4th quarter of the 2023-24 Financial Year.

Our first grantmaking round was designed to develop a process for making grants of donated funds which;

    • respected the charitable aims of the donors
    • was convenient for the recipient charities and
    • would not unduly influence their activities and direction
    • are aligned to our Charity Panels

A total of $12,100 was granted to the following charities ;

  • Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled to sponsor a horse (Individual / Family Services & Support Panel)
  • Altitude Scholarships for school scholarships (Education, Training and Employment Panel)
  • Noosa and District Landcare for training in conservation work (Environment, Conservation and Climate Panel) and
  • Sunshine Butterflies for their play group activities (Individual / Family Services & Support Panel).

In addition, a bequest of $20,000 was added to our long term endowment funds program

Fundraising commenced in December 2023.  In this short period, we are pleased that donors have given $39,000 and a further $60,000 is pledged for this quarter.

Donations are tax deducible this Financial Year if made before June 30th

Activities planned in next Quarter include;

  • launch the Ambassador program and monthly email newsletters
  • step-up Noosa Foundation’s fundraising with a focus on tax deductible donations in the run up to the end of the Financial Year
  • 2nd Grantmaking Round planned for June
  • brief local accountants and solicitors on using Noosa Foundation for their client’s bequests