The Noosa Community Foundation goal is to support Noosa region charities by raising money for them and assisting them in their own fundraising operations.

Noosa Foundation Friends

We are building a group of annual donors to help us with this goal. These are our Noosa Foundation Friends.

Friends donate an annual lump sum they feel comfortable with and the Foundation apportions it over charities covering the donor’s preferred area to support.

To discuss becoming a Friend, please register your interest with an email to and we will be in touch.   Also see the FAQ belowDownload an Executive Summary of the advantages of donating via the Noosa Foundation Friends

Platinum Friends

($100,000 pa or more)

Gold Friends

($25,000 pa or more)
Scott Williams Foundation

Silver Friends

($10,000 pa or more)
Keith & Jeannette Ince Fund


($2,000 pa or more)
Brett De Chastel
Retrospect Holdings P/L

Founding Donors

In our first year of operation, we want to permanently acknowledge those farsighted Founding Donors who supported us from the very start.  This will be a permanent record on our website and the Roll will close 12 months after launch.

Gold Founding Donors

  • Scott Williams Foundation

Silver Founding Donors

  • Keith & Jeannette Ince Fund

Friends Founding Donors

  • Brett De Chastel

Noosa Foundation Friends FAQ

See the FAQs below for answers to your questions or always feel free to contact us on to discuss your donor questions.

The Friends allow you to make one donation a year.  It is quick, easy and tax deductable.

In turn, we pool your donation with other Friends and donate the total to charities in the “cluster” Panel you are interested in.

We group Noosa charities into “clusters” that are focused on the same area of interest.  We call these Panels.  You can choose your preferred Panels at any time. You can also specify a specific charity if you wish (MORE).

Naturally, that is up to you.  It should be a sum you are comfortable with.  Ideally, it is a sum you donate each year (but you can can go up or down each renewal). This gives the Foundation some continuity of cashflow that it can pass onto charities avoiding the feast and famine scenario from year to year.

We work in tiers so that you get a better idea of the impact of your donation.

Donations via Friends are normally expended in the following 12 months.  Occasionally, we might have a short-term “hold” if there are no suitable candidates.

We also have a long-term Endowment system (MORE)

We will invite you to renew your Friends‘ subscription each year.  You can change or discontinue your subscription at any renewal opportunity.

Friends allows you to be completely anonymous if you wish and your name will not be listed. 

Or your name can be listed but the individual charities do not know you supported them (unless you want to tell them).  This removes the possibility of being approached directly to sponsor a charity you have previously supported. But it does allow your generosity to be recognised by the community.

As you donate more, it is likely you will need to spread it over several charities so as not to overwhelm them in a year; or leave them short next year if you don’t support them again.  

In turn, this means more research on candidates, more administration donating and more follow-up to ensure donations are used as promised. 

With the Friends, it is one lump sum and we do all the leg work for you.  You are still welcome to be as involved with the charity as you want but the tedious research and admin disappears.

More Questions?

Email us at and we will be pleased to assist.