Charitable Foundation covers Noosa Region

About Us

We are a Community Foundation that covers primarily the Noosa Region.

We act as a facilitator between donors and eligible charities.  We are an all volunteer, Not-For-Profit run as a Company Limited by Guarantee.  

Fund raising administration and caretaking of funds raised is carried out by a separate specialist funds manager.  Donations to us can be tax deductible if desired.

Our Mission

Our Mission is:

“The Noosa Community Foundation raises charitable donations directly and indirectly by support for others. The Foundation works collaboratively to disburse donations efficiently, effectively and transparently so as to maximise the beneficial impact from charitable giving in the Noosa region. This is done while respecting the preferences of donors for the management and distribution of their funds.”

Three Planks in our Mission

Plank 1

Generate more charitable giving into the Noosa region; both directly to the Foundation and by the Foundation supporting charities to raise donations themselves.

Plank 2

Provide Services that reduce the administrative load on charities, thereby permitting them to send more resources to their coalface.

Plank 3

Assist in increasing the efficiency and impact of charitable giving in the Noosa region thereby giving a better community Return on Investment.

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Noosa Foundation Board

The Noosa Foundation runs entirely as a volunteer organisation.  The Founding and Current Board  Members are below, along with a link to their CVs for further information.  You can reach any Board Member by email to reception@noosa.foundation

Clare Cartwright Director

Clare Cartwright

Founding Director

Justin Morgan Noosa Foundation Director

Justin Morgan

Founding Director.

Scott Williams Founding Chair

Scott Williams AO

Founding Chair

We need you and your help

The Noosa Community Foundation runs on volunteer power to improve the community in the Noosa region.  Join in to help when and where you can.

Charity Volunteers in Noosa region

Noosa Foundation Sponsors

The Noosa Foundation runs entirely as a volunteer organisation but it does have administration and reporting costs.  To avoid diverting charitable donations to pay these unavoidable expenses, we encourage locally minded businesses to become our sponsors. Sponsorships may be tax deductible.  Sponsors can also list in the relevant Friends category. To discuss how you can further help the Noosa region community, email us.

Noosa Foundation Ambassadors

Our Noosa Foundation Ambassadors are those donors and community members who actively support and promote the Foundation.

Your feedback and support helps us with our Mission to improve the wellbeing of the Noosa community.

To join our valued Ambassador community,  submit now with this form or please email us your name, email and your particular interests; and any immediate feedback you have.  We will add you to our mailing list.

Statutory Fund Management

There are many requirements, including ATO, to manage the money you donate for the Foundation to pass onto local charities on your behalf.  To ensure complete and professional compliance with the regulatory requirements, we have retained the services of the Australian Community Foundation (ACF).  This is a not-for-profit body that manages funds on behalf of some 450 Funds and Foundations.  By 2022, they have operated for some 25 years and managed the distribution of some $117 million over 9,500 grants. They are holding some $126 million in donated funds.  You can read about ACF on this link and check their credentials with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) on this link.