Professional Guide for Charities

Accountants, lawyers and philanthropic advisors may have clients ask about the merits of supporting Noosa charities via the Noosa Community Foundation.  Donations can be made while living or posthumously.

You will make your own assessments but we have resources to assist your due diligence research and help with the drafting of text.

Some common FAQ are offered below but you are welcome to email us for a more comprehensive discussio

Noosa Community Foundation FAQs

Get more information with a request to

NCF is a Company Limited by Guarantee ABN 39 671 027 884 with a 100% volunteer workforce and Board.  It is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for profit Commission (ACNC) as a charity. The Foundation uses the Australian Community Foundation to receive donations and make grants.  Donations are tax deductible.

Our Mission is:

“The Noosa Community Foundation will raise charitable donations directly and indirectly by support for others. The Foundation will work collaboratively to disburse donations efficiently, effectively and transparently. This is to maximise the beneficial impact from charitable giving in the Noosa region while respecting the preferences of donors for the management and distribution of their funds.”

Your clients can make donations while alive.  Donations can be tax deductible if desired.  They can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.  Receipts will always be given.  Invoices are available on request.

Non deductible donations from e.g. Estates and Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) are available. (DONATE)

Donations can be made posthumously as a bequest in a Will or a Memorial of a loved one (MORE)

Our use of Charity Panels means even in many years time, your donations will still be going to the currently viable charities in the charitable need of your choice (MORE)

Businesses can donate for a tax deduction.  They can also sponsor the Foundation’s operations, be acknowledged on our website and claim the expense if they wish (Sponsors)

Doing Due Diligence on a donation or endowment recipient can be a big job.  And trying to ensure reliability into the future is much, much, more difficult!

The Noosa Community Foundation can reduce that.  We ensure recipient charities are reputable and deserving now and in the future (see also Charity Panel FAQ).  And we have failsafe on our own operation, should we cease to be viable, that ensures your client’s donations continue to perform into the foreseeable future (see also Longevity FAQ here)

As you can imagine, charities wax and wane over time.  And we don’t want to overdo contributions to any particular charity in case that is disruptive.  

So we have a Panel of several active and viable charities in each area of charitable need.  Donations are shared between them equitably and in a manner that doesn’t disrupt their activities.

All charities are either in the Noosa region, or service it from outside and provide evidence of the local use of donated funds (MORE)

Our Panels cover the most common ‘clusters’ of charitable causes available in the Noosa region (MORE)

Presently these are:

  • Education, Training & Employment
  • Environment, Conservation and Climate
  • Individual / Family Services & Support
  • Indigenous Community
  • Arts & Culture
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Disaster Relief (when necessary) and
  • Untied; where you allow us to use donations to the best effect

Providing we can grant to the charity of your choice (some DGR1 charities are forbidden to us by legislation), we will pass on your donation. 

You can also indicate the type of charity you want to support (say environmental) , and we we will pass your donation to the charities covering that area that are on our Panel.

Donors in our Friend’s Groups will be personally recognised if they wish or, alternatively, appear anonymously (MORE)

The total flow of donations from our operation is on public record each year through the ACNC and our own reports.

We publish the current Noosa charities in a Panel (MORE)

Especially when setting up Endowments, advisors and clients want to be sure the managing body will stay viable well into the future. The NCF manages this in two ways. 

First, it uses a Panel of charities that is regularly updated for charities that remain viable and active at any point in time (MORE)

Second, there is a clause in the Foundation’s Company Constitution requiring all funds to be passed to another similar institution and/or decided by the Supreme Court of Queensland.  The Australian Community Foundation holds and grants all donated Foundation funds. It has its own longevity arrangements.  Advisors may consider this provides a longer life expectancy for entrusted money than individual persons or businesses as trustees.